Valor Jets is an International Aircraft Sales, Marketing, Acquisition and Consulting company with coast-to-coast office locations. We cater to the elite business jet owner, flight departments and financial institutions. Our experts carefully blend each area of expertise into a truly integrated approach.
  • Brian Paul

Leading Valor, President Brian Paul has over 20 years of experience in aviation sales. With a rich aviation heritage, Brian’s father was a decorated Air Force Colonel and Boeing KC-135 pilot. Both his father and grandfather were honored war heroes and flight record-holders, so it’s not surprising that aviation is in his blood.

Earning his pilot’s license at the age of 19 while attending college full time, Brian was headed for a career as a corporate pilot but soon discovered his passion for aviation sales. Today, Brian oversees the sales and marketing for Valor. Within the first two years of inception, Brian led Valor to #1 Worldwide for the highest number of corporate jet transactions.

To date, Valor has completed over 800 transactions worldwide.


Valor delivers solutions based on sound strategic thinking with innovative execution. For our clients, this experience means that all aspects from contract to closing are handled promptly, accurately and on schedule so that corporate aviation investments are protected.

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